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1-abc.net Hotkey Organizer 5.0

Creates global shortkeys to have faster access to everything
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1-abc.net Hotkey Organizer allows you to customize global hotkeys to access the desired functions. The program is lenient enough to let you use practically every possible combination of up to four keys, such as “CTRL+ALT+Winkey+Y”. This guarantees that you can use hotkeys that will never coincide with any other key combination used by a particular program.

This software has a nice, clean interface. The use of tabs in a wizard-like fashion eases the process of configuring your hotkeys. As said, innumerable new combinations can be created using the suggested system keys and any other alphanumeric character. You will find some default features that you can easily select to access common tasks, such as opening Notepad, Paint, Calculator, the Control Panel or the Task Manager. However, the program also lets you create virtually any other action by entering command line parameters, the path to a file or a website URL.

The key combinations you create can be saved as projects. Therefore, if you normally use various machines, you can use the same hotkeys on all of them. Moreover, you can print the list of hotkeys to help you learn them by heart or use it as a quick reference.

The program is very light and runs almost unnoticeably from the System Tray. In addition, you can set it to start along with Windows.

In general, 1-abc.net Hotkey Organizer is a fine application that automates the access to multiple tasks. The only disadvantage I can think of is not related to the program itself, but to the limits of the human mind, when storing large amounts of information. Therefore, while some users may be able to remember all the hotkeys they need, others cannot even remember simple key combinations, using cut and paste data. If you belong to this second group, this program can not only become a nuisance but also a threat, as you could easily mistype a key combination and bring about unwanted results.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It allows multiple key combinations
  • It lets you save your project and share it
  • It allows printing a list of the hotkeys


  • Hotkeys may be difficult to remember
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